Savanette, Haiti

A letter regarding the completion of our 1st Project

January 2011 - I was so excited to hear our first well was completed and in use in Savanette Haiti. We drove about an hour out of town (Hinche) and showed up right before nightfall to take a few photos.

When we pulled up to the site we were able to meet about 20 neighbors using the well. Two mothers were washing their clothes. A dozen children were taking turns bathing under the spout. Others had filled buckets and were placing them on their heads.

One of the ladies washing her clothes asked our interpreter who we were. When she heard we had helped put the well in she lit up. She jumped up and down and said, “you have saved us a 2 hour walk up & back from the stream every day”. We also learned there were 150 families that live nearby that will be using it.

I know it shouldn’t be surprise, but I would have never expected to have the opportunity to see those faces, so joyous about their new access to fresh water! It was so beautiful!

- Brian Bell